Helen Keller – An Inspirational Woman

Helen Keller is a remarkable woman. She was an incredible, brave woman who had inner strength. She was a true hero. Helen Keller was blinded and deaf. However, this did not ruin her spirits or make her a less heroic person.

Despite her blindness, she was able speak and communicate well. She is a dedicated volunteer who has helped many others. She achieved much more than most people could have imagined because of her faith, determination, spirit, and willpower. She was actually admired by many famous people like Alexander Graham Bell, Mark Twain and William James.

Helen Keller, a native of Tuscumbia and Alabama was born on June 20, 1880. Helen Keller was a healthy infant. Helen was nineteen years old when she became blinded and deaf. It believed that it was scarlet fever or meningitis. Her family communicated with Helen by using body language and signs. Helen became more stressed with her own aging and couldn’t communicate well with others. She was very aggressive and threw tantrums, which nobody can help. Alexander Graham Bell, a deaf man, recommended that Anne Sullivan be Helen’s teacher. Helen’s life would be forever changed by this decision. Anne Sullivan, a young teacher and determined person who was blind until she had her successful surgery, was able to make this happen. Anne would teach her student how to behave in everyday situations and academic lessons. Anne and Helen struck up a loving relationship that would last a lifetime. Anne taught Helen the alphabet by having Helen touch the letters of sign language into her hand. Helen began to recognize the letters Anne had written. Helen was determined to continue learning. Anne worked with her eager student to improve finger spelling. Helen was soon able read Braille, write, as well as start speaking. Helen achieved many of her goals with the support of Anne Sullivan, her beloved teacher who was partially blind.

Helen Keller always wanted to go to college. She refused to let her physical disabilities stop her from reaching her goals. Helen Keller earned a Bachelor of Arts at Radcliffe College.

Helen Keller spent most of her adult life advocating for blind and visually impaired people. Anne was her companion and she took Anne on speaking tours. She also wrote articles about their important contribution to society. Her extensive work earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Story of My Life, one of her other works, is an inspiring book that can be used by both blind and vision impaired people.

Helen Keller is an inspirational figure. She overcame her disabilities and continued to pursue knowledge, despite them. Her dream was possible because she faced no obstacles in her journey. She reached the place she is today because of her perseverance and positive attitude. Helen Keller was a true humanitarian. Her determination and writing skills were well-known around the globe. For centuries, we will remember her remarkable life of eighty seven years.


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