A Sad Event On A Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is February 14th for most people. Couples reserve the most expensive restaurants, offices are filled w/ chocolates and flowers, people get engaged, and girls cry because they feel alone. The reason I wept was different. My life was forever changed by February 14.

The doctor entered the room, which was filled with children’s hospital zoo animals and pastels. Two parents and their children were already present. However, the doctor was positive and did not seem to be alarmed. He was very friendly and greeted us both with a handshake as he introduced himself. He was very friendly and soft-spoken. After he explained the diagnosis, I don’t recall much. I was shocked and worried about the future. The elevator flashed Level 1, and the nurse took me down the hall to the lab, where they would collect my blood for various tests. The doctor was back, as well as a physical and occupational therapist. I met again with them hours later. I felt like my oxygen was being cut off as he wrote bold red text on the whiteboard. My face began to ache as the room turned dark and lonely. His words became sounds, and I felt my eyes well up with tears.

Poly Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis affects children under eighteen years old. Doctor Henrickson explains the nature of joint disease. My daily routine would need to change. My soccer game, which I have been playing since childhood, would be impossible for me to continue. Because of the potential PJIA effects, I would have to stop physical therapy for my knee injury. Because of my pain, I would end up being homebound for my sophomore year at high school. He would meet me one day a month to examine me. The doctor gave me a summary of what to expect in my future. He then closed the door for some family time. My family and I sat in identical positions as before and processed all that had taken place and could take place.

February 14th was not the day I expected to be filled with mushy feelings. It will be my turning point in life and the day I stopped believing I could do anything bad because I was a good person. It will always remain the day I started advocating for a condition that affects children and teenagers throughout the world.


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