A Comparison Of Malcolm X And Julius Caesar

The first time you see them, it might seem that they are very different. However, if we take a closer look, they’re not as dissimilar as they appear. Gaius Julius Caesar, a Politian and Roman general, played an important role in events that led to Roman Republic’s end and the Roman Empire’s beginning. Caesar, Pompey and Cratsus formed in 60 B.C. a political pact which dominated Roman politics over several years. The Optimates, who were part of the Roman Senate, opposed their efforts to gain power by becoming Populares. Caesar’s Gallic victories were complete by 51 BC and extended Rome to the English Channel. Caesar was the first Roman General to cross the English Channel as well as the Rhine River. He built a Rhine bridge and crossed the Channel in order to invade Britain. His achievements gave him incomparable strength and made Pompey look like a fool, since he had joined the Senate when Crassus died in 53 BC. The Gallic War was over, and the Senate told Caesar to relinquish his command of the military and return to Rome. Caesar refused to obey the Senate’s order, and in 49 BC he crossed the Rubicon River illegally with the 13th Legion and left his province. Caesar won this civil war which put him into a position where he had unrivalled influence and power. Many historians think of Caesar as being one the greatest commanders in military history. Malcolm Little served as an African American Muslim pastor and human-rights activist. Malcolm was birthed on May 19th, 1925. Malcolm’s parents were both placed in mental hospitals when Malcolm was 13, and his father was killed at the age 6 when Malcolm was 6. Malcolm Little was jailed in 1946 at the age of 20 for larceny. He also went to prison on a number of other charges. Malcolm Little changed his birthname to Malcolm X while in prison. According to him, Little is the name “the slave master… imposed” on [his] forefathers. He quickly rose to the top of the organization after his release in 1952, and served as its public face for 12 years. Malcolm X, the leader of the Nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad had let him down in March of 1964. Malcolm X expressed his regrets over the time he spent with them. He also went by the name el Hajj Malik el Shabazz. He disavowed racism, rejected Nation of Islam, founded Muslim Mosque, Inc., the Organization of Afro-American Unity, and rejected Nation of Islam. He continued his emphasis on Pan-Africanism. Malcolm X was killed by three Nation of Islam members on February 21st, 1965. Malcolm X was a powerful leader who many looked up to. Julius Caesar also thought their actions were for the good of all. Both leaders would eventually fall to assassination. Both leaders’ leadership styles and research are discussed even today. After reading and researching, I believe that Malcolm X is not much different than Julius Caesar.


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